Network of Local Action Groups (LAG Network) – an association established in 2007 and uniting 49 Lithuanian rural local action groups. Local action groups, like the network of local action groups, are umbrella non-governmental organizations implementing the LEADER initiative in rural areas.

Local action groups encourage residents and organizations to actively participate in local and community development processes, help strengthen civil society, and support harmonious cooperation between local government, business, and the non-governmental sector.

The vision of the LAG network is a harmonious, open, dynamic structure of local action groups, actively participating in the rural development process, promoting partnership in Lithuania and abroad.

The mission of the LAG network is to promote national and international cooperation between local action groups, to represent common interests in order to successfully implement the LEADER approach and innovative rural development at the European, national and regional levels. Collect and disseminate information, solve problems related to the activities of LAG network members, share knowledge, experiences, achievements and ideas.

LAG network functions:
1. Defending and representing the interests of the members of the LAG network.
2. Consulting.
3. Participation in the process of drafting Lithuanian and European Union legal acts that may affect the activities of the Network members.
4. Collection and transmission of information.
5. Formation of a good image of LAG network members in society.
6. Preparation of proposals for the improvement of the administration of the LAG network members.